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New Album out May 13


Preorder our New Album!

On May 13, our new album, 5, will be available on all streaming platforms, iTunes and in Digital, CD and Vinyl formats via Bandcamp. In the meantime, you can preorder the CD, vinyl, and even a new T-shirt design here.

Why preorder the album? Well, first of all to help us with the financial weight of releasing an album. Vinyl is getting more and more expensive and the manufacturing times are getting longer and longer. By preordering the album, you’re helping us support that financial weight.

But also to get some goodies: in exchange for your support, we will send you digital goodies every week until the album release.

All you have to do is download this smartphone app (if you don’t have a smartphone, contact us and we’ll figure something out), then, once you’ve placed your preorder via Bandcamp, check the app every week from home. Yes, that’s right, the goodies are location-based and can only be opened at your delivery address.

Inspiration for the new album came largely from a scientific experiment performed by Australian Physicists, who seem to have managed to get particles of light to travel through time. Our own time traveling experience took us to the late nineties, with songs that are reminiscent of alternative rock bands like Grandaddy and Yo La Tengo, including a few stops in the UK, in the early 2000’s, to share some of the sound textures of artists like Broadcast and Gravenhurst.

We’ll be releasing the first single, along with a video clip, very soon. Until then, you can check out this teaser video in which you can hear a small excerpt of each new song.

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