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Version Française

Uniform Motion is an illustrated indie-folk/post-pop band combining music with drawings, composed of Renaud Forestié (illustrations), Olivier Piotte (drums/keys), Andy Richards (guitars/vocals), Patrice Thomas (Keyboards/Guitars) and Fred Pesce (Bass).


It all started with a 4-String guitar
Andy starts recording a bunch of songs at CDM Studio in Toulouse and meets Renaud.


The project is launched as a web series on .

Andy and Renaud decide to combine comics and music and release a new song, accompanied by a video of live performance of the music and drawings being live sketched on to a videoscreen, along with an interactive comic strip every two weeks.

The French magazine Les Inrockuptibles picks up on what Uniform Motion is doing and the band wins the CQFD Remix ’08 contest, resulting in them playing their first shows at La Maroquinerie and Apple Expo in Paris before appearing on iTélé, a national news channel.



Uniform Motion’s first album, Pictures, is released. The band makes it to the regional finals of the Printemps de Bourges contest. Andy and Renaud also go on their first tour, to Germany, during which they experiment with blank CD packaging on which Renaud draws custom pictures at the merch table.



Uniform Motion launches a new website in preparation for their new album, Life, which comes with poster packs (one illustration per song) and a Flash based Virtual Concert.

Some international press outlets get wind of Uniform Motion’s endeavours wit articles appearing in Canada, US, UK and Germany (, The Stranger, College Music Journal)
The band also gets some airplay on NME Radio, BBC 6music,, et and receives some positive reviews of the new album.

Uniform Motion reaches the finals of the CQFD contest organised by Les Inrockuptibles.



Uniform Motion turns to crowdfunding for their 3rd album.

After recording the new album, the band puts 2 songs and a promotional video game on their website and asks their fans to pre-order the album in order to raise money to pay for CD manufacturing and mastering fees.

The game includes two little characters that jump up and down and the user has to catch little objects while they listen to the song. A month later, there’s enough cash to pay for the first batch of CD’s.

The band’s social network presence starts to pay off as well. A facebook fan comments on their page and asks about a Vinyl release. The band immediately improvises a vinyl crowdfunding campaign, and two months later, 67 fans receive their copy of the album.

Uniform Motion continues to document their experiments on their blog and in September 2012, one of their articles about digital music causes a bit of a stir in the music-tech world (Digital Music News, Hypebot, Musically) and the tech world (Gizmodo, Techdirt). Even more traditional outlets like the Guardian, Der Spiegel, Forbes, BBC Radio and MTV end up mentioning Uniform Motion and their article.

Uniform Motion makes it the Printemps de Bourges finals for the second time and wins a grant from the local government.


Uniform Motion carries on experimenting with projects like its collaboration video where fans are asked to take a photo or make a short video with a cut-out Knight (the character from their 3rd album)

The band launches, a gigfunding site, which takes them to Sweden, Spain and Germany, tests Google+ Hangout based concerts and starts providing tutorials for their songs so fans can learn how to play them more easily.
Last but not least, Uniform Motion offers their fans the possibility of donating sounds for their 4th album.

Uniform Motion reaches the finals of the France O Folies contest organised by the Francofolies festival and national TV channel, France O and appears on national TV in the France ô Folies à Toulouse » programme.

Opening slot with We Have Band and a TEDx showcase in Paris.



Uniform Motion releases their 4th album, THE MAGIC EMPIRE and a covers album ALTERED COVERS
Opening slot with Plants and Animals, and a solo show in Barcelona.


Uniform Motion tours France as a 4 piece, with the addition of Patrice Thomas on Keyboards and Guitars.
Release of LIVE AT THE PACE LIBRARY, a live album, more than a dozen shows across France. Andy opens for Cats on Trees at Le Trianon


Uniform Motion tours Spain as a 5 piece, with the addition of Fred Pesce on Bass and starts work on their 5th studio album.
Two sold out shows at Theatre Roquelaine in Toulouse. Andy opens for Jay-Jay Johanson in Toulouse.



Uniform Motion releases 5, their 5th studio album and tour Germany for the third time


The project officially ends 18th March 2017, exactly 10 years after it began.

Discography :

2009: Pictures

2010: Life

2011: One Frame Per Second

2013: The Magic Empire

2013: Altered Covers

2014: Live at the Pacé Library

2016: 5